Why You should attend the NIPITECS 2018 Conference…

What is this NIPITECS you ask?

NIPITECS is short for Nigerian International Pipeline Infrastructure, Technology and Security Conference, an event that holds every September, and focuses primarily on the Pipeline sub-sector of the Oil and Gas industry.

Oil and Gas is the mainstay of the Nigerian economy and lynchpin to the current economic policies of the country…you could call it the lifeblood of the Nation.

All well and good…but without arteries, veins and capillaries…the blood goes nowhere.

If Oil is the blood… Pipelines are the veins

The importance of pipelines cannot be understated, however the attention placed on infrastructure and security of the network is insignificant, and pipelines are only given coverage when there is a loss of containment.

So why should YOU attend NIPITECS?

In its second year, this conference is the first of its kind and deals specifically with pipelines.

Each year pipeline professionals (asset owners, policy makers, front line engineers, stakeholders et al) come together to review the challenges, solutions and policy issues related to infrastructural development, asset safety, best practices, case studies and technology and research to better the lot of the industry and the nation.

This year’s NIPITECS focuses mainly on Economic policies, best practices and investment opportunities within the pipelines sector as related to Local Content and FDI.

What’s in it for me?

The Conference will give you

  • Networking opportunities
  • Access to key players in the industry
  • Marketing opportunities
  • Information about latest technology
  • Investment opportunities and advice

Come and spend two days (18th and 19th September) with us in the capital city of Nigeria, Abuja, as we look at ways to ensure safety, security and sustainability of our nation’s economic backbone.

Mind you it’s not all talk…enjoy the evenings too with our gala dinner and awards night and other networking opportunities.

For more information go to the event site https://nipitecs.com

Early bird discount on registrations and exhibition space ends 20 August 2018.

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