Nestoil to Showcase Innovative Technology at Pipeline Conference

Nestoil Limited has announced plans to showcase its innovative technology and expertise in pipeline construction at the Nigerian International Pipeline Technology and Security Conference (NIPITECS) holding in Abuja this month…

Speaking on the company’s participation at the conference, Nestoil’s Executive Director, Dr. Chukwueloka Umeh, said the company has acquired reputation for executing complex projects and working in challenging terrains. He described the conference as a veritable platform for collaboration and an avenue for showcasing the capacity of indigenous companies operating in the pipeline construction, engineering, operation and maintenance sub-sector of the Nigerian oil and gas industry.


“A conference like this provides an avenue for pipeline construction companies in Nigeria to showcase their response to the socio-environmental challenges that have made pipelines less optimal in Nigeria. In response to these challenges, Nestoil has embarked on significant investments in acquisition of state-of-the-art machinery and technology, which guarantees higher level of security for laid pipes against vandalism and explosion.”

With technological innovation, he said Nestoil has worked on three major rivers and several road crossings, using the Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) technology. The HDD, a trenchless technology that curbs vandalism, limits environmental degradation and ensures safe depth of pipelines burial and is the latest pipeline technology deployed by the company in execution of its pipeline projects. By this, Nestoil has signalled its capacity to deliver crude oil and gas pipeline construction contracts to world-class quality and standards. Unlike the conventional practices that resulted in demolition of houses, Umeh said the use of HDD technology has been able to curtail displacement of people and destruction of natural habitats because the technology shows significant consideration for the society, environment and mankind in the multi-layered engineering planning processes upon which the project implementation rests.

Nestoil is acknowledged for its inventiveness and seamless execution of landmark projects in Nigeria, some of which include the construction of the Edjeba Sewage Treatment Plant in Warri, construction of the 24′ diameter Nembe-Cawthorne Channel Trunkline (NCTL) for Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC), construction and installation of the 2.5km Escravos River Cross as part of the OML 42 oil export pipeline network construction for the Nigerian Petroleum Development Company (NPDC). The acclaimed expertise, which distinguished Nestoil from other industry players has become manifest in its execution of the OB3 (Obiafu/Obrikom to Oben) 48′ diameter gas pipeline project for the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), with the attainment of impressive milestones and feats that hitherto were exclusive to international construction companies…

Source: Nestoil to Showcase Innovative Technology at Pipeline Conference – Sun News