MESCOG 2014 – “Enhancing the Quality of Steel in Middle East”

It’s our pleasure to invite you to the 2014 Middle East Steel Conference for Oil and Gas (MESC 2014) to be held from October 21st – 23rd, at InterContinental, Festival City, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
The successful outcome of MESC 2013, organized by Knowledge Expansion & ASM Saudi Chapter, had generated an overwhelming response from our partners, sponsors, speakers and delegates, whom requested the continuation of the conference on Steel Production & Protection.
MESC 2014 will provide an excellent opportunity for regional and international steel producers and related services companies on steel protection and product technology, to connect, network and discuss how to develop innovative ideas and industry solutions that address the growing needs of the oil and gas industries.
The theme for MESC 2014 is “Enhancing the Quality of Steel in Middle East” and its objective is to create a forum for facilitating the exchange of practical experiences in all aspects of steel production and protection engineering in addition to seeking solutions to the various challenges that materials engineers face.
Some of the main topics that will be addressed during the technical program of the conference are Enhancing Communication between Steel Mills, Pipe Manufactures, Construction Makers and End Users. In addition, the conference will address the challenges that engineers face to enhance the life of steel structures using the latest applicable technologies.
MESC 2014 will attract hundreds of international companies, professionals and scientists taking part in the different features of the conference that include sponsorship, exhibition, and technical presentation or simply as delegates. The technical program will feature specialized topics best aimed to meet the needs of material/steel engineers from within the oil & gas sector.
Workshops Available include:
Welding in the Oil and Gas Industry
This workshop is designed to provide an overall view of the welding and joining definition and importance in oil and gas industries.
To build a sound background in welding studies, the basic physical and chemical phenomena that occur during welding and joining, thermal experience and major welding parameters will be discussed in the light of welding science and technology. In addition, the residual stresses development and stress relieving reworks will be addressed. Some common weld failures experienced in the field during installation, repair and alteration project will be presented. After this workshop, attendees should have a basic appreciation of precautions to be taken during welding on different types of equipment and different materials in the field. It will also familiarize the participants with some rare hot and cold cracking encountered on the welds in the field.
Procurement of Carbon Steel Pipes And Equipment For Wet Sour Services
This workshop covers requirements of materials of construction intended for handling gas/liquid containing water and hydrogen sulphide (H2S) known as wet sour environments. These material requirements include new sour service pipe/equipment intended for installation in upstream and downstream wet sour applications. Procurement of substandard HIC resistant material for previous wet-sour projects that resulted in project delay and significant financial impact led to the development of this awareness workshop. Case histories pertaining to failure by SOHIC, improper pipe procurement and fabrication defects leading to failure will be discussed.
Who Should Attend
• Steel Producers
• Pipe Manufactures
• Coating Specialist
• Directors
• General Manager
• Business Development Managers
• Pipeline Managers \ Engineers
• Coating Directors
• QA/QC managers
• Inspection Manager
• Technical Managers
• Standardization Managers
• Raw Material Suppliers
• End User
• Commercial Managers
• Steel Consultants
• R&D Executives
• Welding Engineers
• Corrosion Managers/Engineers
• Marketing Managers
• Operations Managers
• Team Leaders
• Sr. Engineers
Why Attend
• Be a part of the 2014 Middle East Steel Conference headed by the industry and professionals coming together to bridge the gap between Steel Producers, Pipe Manufactures & End Users in Oil & Gas, Chemical & Water Industry
• Hear from leading experts in Steel & Pipe Industry – Recent Development & Challenges
• Bench Mark the best practices & Standards Implemented in Middle East
• Network with major end users, steel producers, pipe manufactures & coating applicators
• Know the major player’s. Where’s demand headed?
• An important forum to meet with and be updated on the international steel industry. Understanding the growth and business strategies that mills outside the Middle East are implementing
• Meet Coating/Cathodic Protection Specialist & Manufacturers/Applicators
For further information kindly download the event brochure or go to the website