Welcome to 2013

On behalf of the Executive Committee, welcome to 2013, a busy year for the Pipeline Professionals’  Association of Nigeria (PLAN).

With the new year we are expanding our accessibility and membership benefits by gives you access to a world of benefits ranging from access to PLAN’s online members’ forum (on our site, in our Facebook page and on LinkedIn), interesting updates and tit-bits related to the Oil and Gas industry, notification of events locally and internationally, PLAN Digest (published 4 – 8 times a year), CV posting, job alerts, job placements, discounts on events (locally and internationally involving or co-sponsored by PLAN). These are just a few of the benefits afforded you through your membership; others are stated in the Membership Benefits portion of the About Us section of the site.

Opportunities exist for all members to contribute towards the growth and development of the Association. Avenues open to members include:

  1. Four Technical Committees that exist within the Association (suggestions concerning new technical committees are always appreciated)
  2. Submission of seminar/workshop themes, Technical session abstracts and presentations
  3. Direct correspondence through the info@plan-ng.com email address (for comments and suggestions regarding the website, please email admin@plan-ng.com starting from January 2013)
  4. Interaction through our available social media channels

Your suggestions and ideas are important to us, it is your right … every member is a stakeholder in PLAN, YOU drive this Association.


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