The Nigerian Pipeline Technology & Security Conference (NIPITECS) is the first international conference that is focused on pipelines and pipelines issues in Nigeria. Join us at NIPITECS 2017.

The aims of the conference are:

  • To provide a forum for the sharing of information and knowledge on safe and effective pipeline infrastructure installation, maintenance and security.
  • To analyze and study and proffer solutions to the issues and challenges relating to pipelines in Nigeria.
  • To attract the best local and international practices, newest developments & technology, training opportunities as they relate to pipelines, both onshore and offshore.

These objectives are most relevant to the Nigerian pipeline utilization experience. Recent developments have served to highlight the importance of an effective pipeline system in the development of any economy, and most especially, one that is as dependent on energy production as is Nigeria. Issues of vandalism, human induced service disruptions and technical failures have caused painful losses to Nigeria. The impact goes beyond Oil and Gas production disruption. It has impacted the generation of power which has had direct negative impact on the performance of the overall economy.

NIPITECS 2017 will showcase pipeline technology and security investment opportunities in Nigeria, Sub-Saharan Africa and its integration with the global market. This unique event will be hosted in Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria, Africa’s #1 and OPEC’s 10th major producing nation. This conference presents a platform for learning, gaining insight, sharing knowledge and networking among policy makers, operators, investors, banks and governments to harmonize relationship and investment opportunities.

The conference will highlight the challenges and through expert presentations proffer solutions on pipelines and allied infrastructural development in the region through E & P project updates, design, engineering, technology, innovations, economics, asset integrity, HSE, geology, sub-sea engineering, supply chain, procurement, project funding, contracts, legal framework, security, community relations, and local content.

Who Will Attend

  • Senior Government officials and decision makers
  • Executives and top players of national and international oil companies
  • Companies that are involved in pipeline design, engineering, production, technology, asset integrity, security and allied services
  • Banks, investors, analysts etc
  • Entire stakeholders

Benefits Of Attending NIPITECS 2017

  • Gain insight and share knowledge among industry peers
  • Showcase your brand and expertise
  • Understand investment opportunities in Nigeria and the Sub-Saharan Africa market
  • Network among senior government officials and industry executives
  • Make new contacts

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