WEAFRI Well Services Ltd

Founded in 1988, WEAFRI WELL SERVICES COMPANY LIMITED is a PUMPING SERVICES COMPANY serving the oil industry and specialized in oil well Cementing, Pressure Pumping, Mud Engineering, Stimulation, Sand Control, Wild Well Fire Control, Pipeline Pigging, Re-commissioning and Commissioning, Nitrogen Services, Coiled Tubing Services, Cleaning and Drilling Fluid Products, Well Control Services, Waste Management, Filtration and Slick Line Services. Weafri owns and operates a fleet of onshore and offshore equipment totaling over thirty (30) units.
Our high-pressure pumping services equipment include Twin-Pump Cementing units, Skid units, Coiled Tubing units, Filtration Package, Nitrogen units and other support equipment and transportation units. Weafri is also engaged in chemical and industrial cleaning through the use of its high-pressure Hydro-Blasting pump unit.
Our overseas technical partners (Western Cementing and Mud Technology Inc. and Drilling Specialties Company), U. S. A. based companies, supplies us with all the innovations we need to keep pace with local and international technology in the industry with a view to adopting and introducing into Nigeria, a state-of-the-art techniques/technology and effective management.

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No 1-3 Nwaoha Avenue, KM 17 PH/ABA Expressway, Iriebe
Port Harcourt, Rivers Nigeria

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+234-84-611482 (Office)

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