The National Coalition on Gas Flaring and Oil Spill in the Niger Delta (NACGOND) was created as a result of concerns about the growing incidences of oil spill and gas Flaring in the Niger Delta.

The modus operandi is to engage with key stakeholders in the oil and gas industry in the Niger Delta and National Assembly in order to enhance operators’ compliance to local and international standards on oil spills and gas flares.

A key activity is representing non-partisan civil society on joint investigation visits (JIVs) to oil spill sites. The purpose of visits is to conduct an independent assessment of the damage done to flora, fauna and aquatic life and submit an official report to the national regulator, the National Oil Spill Detection and Response Agency (NOSDRA). The JIV should be constituted with a representative from the perpetrating oil company, civil society, the local community and the government.

Yet due to the resources required for such visits – especially given the regularity of oil spills in Nigeria – civil society is not always represented on JIVs. This means the report submitted to the regulator may not always be balanced. A discussion of this, and other areas of JIVs that need reform, can be found under our publications.

The coalition aims to pool their own resources in the region to make sure that civil society and communities can take part in assessing the damage done by oil companies. Current members of the coalition are:

Stakeholder Democracy network (SDN)
Centre for Environment and Human Rights Development (CEHRD)
Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People (MOSOP)
Gas Alert (GASIN)
Ijaw Youth Council (IYC)
Centre for Ethnic and Conflict Studies (CENTECS)
Bayelsa NGOs Forum (BANGOF)
Ijaw National Congress (INC)
Pro Natura International (PNI)
The Niger Delta Wetlands Centre (NDWC)
Niger Delta Professionals for Development (NIPRODEV)
Centre for Niger Delta Studies (CNDS)
Gender and Development Action (GADA)
Foundation for the conservation of the Earth (FOCONE)
Kebetkache Women Development Resource Centre
Niger Delta Environment and Relief Foundation (NIDEREF)
Foundation for Environmental Right, Advocacy and Development (FENRAD)
Green Concern for Development (GREENCODE)

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